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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Farmville Farmer from Facebook

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      I made a FARMVILLE farmer from Facebook. Farmville is an application on Facebook where you play and get neighbors to water your crops for points and its your responsibility to plan seeds and a couple hours or days depending on what it is, will grow and you have to pick them before they die. There are also animals on your farm you can buy and milk the cow for points and your chickens lay eggs for points. There are so much to do on Farmville I would be here all day explaining it! LoL! its a fun and very addictive game!

      The Materials I used:
      A box for the farm
      Rope to tie it under the box and around my neck
      Green and Brown Felt
      Small Fence I bought from Jo Ann Fabrics
      PLastic tractor from Walmart
      Plastic Cake decorations (Farm Animals and Veggies and Fruits)
      Sunflower seeds for seeds on Brown Felt.
      Computer printer for the Facebook Logo, and “Will you be my neighbor” & Farmville on the front of my fence.
      WEAR: Jeans or shorts,boots, shirt,cowboy looking hat and belt
      Ribbon because on FB you earn ribbons.

      I came up with this idea and just had a vision and went with it! Hope you all like it! 🙂
      I first started with the box and glued down the green felt, then cut out brown 1×1 squares for where the plants and seeds are planted. Then those were glued down in rows and then I glued seeds on some of the brown squares and the cake pics which were fruits and veggies were glued on to the squares as well. the fence outlined the box and i glued some animals behind the fence next to the barn and tractor. this whole farm can be created however you want i did mine simpleand this took about 3-4 hours to prepare!
      -Amanda Devlin …From Orlando Florida

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Farmville Farmer from Facebook