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      Ive been on our little farm for 10 years now. But I came to it from 40+ years of city living. Id done LOADS of “independent living” research for Y2K (hey..that was truly fun) just trying to make ends meet.

      even with all that research however, what ive learned in direct farmstead application has been that its much easier to keep a live pantry than it is to try to keep a closet pantry. id love it if you would open a forum for urban farming…and for modern homesteading at

      Were I still in the city, I would have rabbits at least, but probably fish too. id begun this sort of thing before moving out of the city. established a grape arbor and a “grove” of 4 apple trees.

      Never got around to the fish, but had just put up the privacy fence around the yard to protect the rabbits from local dogs when the opportunity came to relocate. Funny how that always seems to happen….once youve managed and defined contentment where youre at…….

      Biggest mistake I made was being intimidated by the powers that be into thinking everything was “illegal”. Best thing I ever did was to make friends of my neighbors (sharing what I produced). Thats the thing about farming…even in the city…where theres a will, theres a way :o) Thats all I have to say for now on te topic…anyone else on a small farm and learning to eat seasonally as its produced?

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      @FarmSchooler 222606 wrote:

      Id love it if you would open a forum for urban farming…and for modern homesteading at

      Consider it done: Homesteading

      Welcome to the site, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts!

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      I’m going to chime in here just because I’d love to see this take off. I love having fresh eggs every day from our chickens. We are surrounded by black berry bushes and I just made our first batch of jelly yesterday.

      Last night we had fresh organic green beans with supper from our yard. I love walking just out side the door for fresh herbs. I forage for the plant to make my night cream and boo-boo medicine.

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      I would love to be able to do this…but unfortunately I DO still live in the city. A city that has way too many ordinances, laws, by laws, codes, and so on and such about having any type of animal that’s considered a farm type animal. Chickens, geese, goats, horses, cows, ducks, etc…are not allowed inside city limits and it’s enforced.

      Not sure of the rabbit issue if they’re kept inside as pets. ((Sheesh, our city officials even determine what you can and can not have in your front and back yards. :/ ))
      At this point, I think I’d really love to live a bit further out into the county area.


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      This sounds fantastic! We live in the country on family land. While we only own 1acre, but it backs up to 10 acres that belong to my in-laws.

      We have worked gardens together, we have a great date tree, it makes fantastic jam. My in-laws have the biggest most juicy muscadine arbor (I am guessing it to be 40 years old), there has been many a jar of wine and many a jar of jelly made from these vines. Did I mention the spring fed pond?!

      My son’s very favorites place to waste an afternoon, hey let’s be honest, he spends every moment he can wetting a line. This farm is a great place for a 17 year old boy who LOVES to hunt and fish and live life on a tailgate. Actually the farm is good for each of us, red clay soil on your fingers means clean eating for the family.

      I would love to have some chickens. We have a great side yard that would give them so grass to free range, I guess it’s time to have a chicken house built and think about ordering some laying chicks for springtime. I love (mini)farm living!

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