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      Ok we cannot do alot of processed food due to allergies and negative reactions to msg and red food dye. How much of the basics flour, corn meal, rice beans ect would i need for a year for 4 people? I can’t find a good link on here to find out.

      Is there a link somewhere or a good book to read?

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      Although I do not have the exact answer to that, you will definitely find the answers on this site. Many of us have food allergies/intolerances, myself included. I guess, with the flours it would depend on how often you will be making breads, pastas, cakes, cookies, etc.

      I have a family of 7 and for rice, I would probably say at least 240 lbs of rice. We also have a stockpile of dried beans, and that is about 50 lbs. The amounts are going to be more specific to what your family likes.

      We make lentil stew at least 2 times a month and that is usually 3/4 of a lb dried lentils per batch. Generally, we only use 1/2 lb of dried beans per meal that is made, allowing us to stretch out that $ even more. If you have a family that generally goes back for seconds or thirds at mealtimes, you might want to up the amount you attempt to stockpile.

      It’ll be touch and go in the beginning to determine what all your family enjoys and would prefer to have more often so you can adjust your stockpiling list.

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      We can use an entire loaf of store bought bread in one meal if we eat sandwiches for lunch for example. I plan to make all our own bread I have a bread machine to use. So i need to make at least one loaf of bread a day we usually eat biscuits a couple times a week, i would love to make rolls at least once a week and make our own noodles which we eat at least 2x a week.

      To keep us at our healthiest and my 2 older kids at thier best behavior. I have to make EVERYTHING from scratch or have behavioral issues we all for have adhd. Which with a diet where I am making everything from scratch we can control with out meds.

      We also grow our own beef because we are very intense carnivores LoL, we eat meat at at least 1 meal a day sometimes 2.

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      Thank you, these replies are very helpful.

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Sizzlin’ Hot Deals Stockpilers-R-Us family of 4 for one year