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      The Fallen EP-1 – YOUOCO.COM App has been provided to you by Budget101.com

      Fallen EP-1

      Genre: Games
      Price: Free
      Release Date: December 09, 2009

      One year birthday…so now it's Free…
      The first 2.5D Survival Horror for your iPad/iPhone/iPod!

      Are you a lover of survival horror games?

      Play the prologue of the Fallen saga with your headphones on, and you'll be involved in a dark and mysterious adventure, acting as a jailbird in a full-of-evil-creatures prison.
      Fight the enemies and win all the challenges to let the hero survive!

      If you were waiting for a pure Resident Evil 2.5D style adventure, Fallen is here to serve. There is nothing similar on iPhone: you’ll find yourself trying to understand what the hell is happening there and you won’t leave your device till you drive the main character to the exit.

      Play as Roman Mendez, an Hispanic that is spending the last months of his prison sentence coming in and out of the isolation cells for his bad attitude. One day Roman suddenly wakes up in the gloomy hole in which he is shut again. The prisoner understands at once that something is going wrong: strange noises break the usual silence of isolation corridor. With great interest, he tries to peep through the slit on a corridor where, strangely, there are no warders, and thinks he should be very lucky when realizes that the door is not totally closed.

      Few steps will be enough for him to understand that his breakout plans will not be easily carried out… The prison is ruled by gangs of Afros, Hispanic, and the Eagles, leaded by Greg Sandman, a spiritual guide and violent killer that seeks for him, and his servants the come back of their true gods and revelation. But now there are new evil powers taking control of the penitentiary!

      • Bloody and dark locations for a horror experience
      • 2.5D graphics, awesome looking scenarios
      • Environmental Lighting
      • Third person fighting
      • Special interactions with accelerometer, touch screen and multi-touch
      • Virtual Pad for Navigation
      • Original soundtrack and sound effects: play it with headphones!
      • Inventory System to store collected items
      • Save Slots and Character-Energy Menu
      Stay tuned!

      This is the first episode of a saga that will unravel inside and outside the prison and involve several main characters. Following episodes of Fallen Saga are coming soon on App Store!
      © 2009 7th Sense s.r.l./YOUOCO LTD

      just a note Free Apps are usually available for less than 48 Hours, because of this, all threads are automatically closed to additional comments/responses at that time.

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