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      Melissa Burnell

      Getting ready for winter can be a pain, here are a few of my favorite tips-n-tricks to make life easier & get ready for colder weather!

      A Few Fall tricks- Autumn Life Hacks

      Instead of raking leaves into piles, rake them onto a tarp, then scoop them up by gathering the corners.
      Fall Tricks- Rake leaves onto a tarp

      Beer Garden

      – Fall is the time to fertilize. To fertilize the lawn combine a beer, 1 c. ammonia & 1 c. baby shampoo (non-antibacterial), mix well, add to a hose end sprayer bottle & “water” the grass. The beer provides nutrients and to the healthy bacteria in the soil that help prime growth. Ammonia is what provides a lovely nitrogen infusion and the baby shampoo helps make the ground more absorptive.

      Apply the fertilizer thinly and evenly across the entire lawn. Reapply every 2 weeks. The soil pH should be in the 6.0-6.5 range.

      Migrating Birds

      – add a piece of black plastic trash bag to the bottom of your birdbath, then add a tennis ball. The plastic will absorb solar heat, while the tennis ball will help break up an ice that starts to form. The birds will be able to drop in for a drink or a dip, as needed!


      If you have metal patio furniture, apply a coat of car wax to winterize it (remove cushions 1st!). It will protect your furniture from frost & give it a great shine too

      tips n tricks winterize patio furniture b101

      Seal or Not to Seal Wooden Fences or gates

      – do a quick splash test to see if your wooden gates/ raised garden beds or fences need a coat of sealant. Toss a large glassful of water against heavily weathered areas. If the wood absorbs the water- apply a coat of sealer before winter sets in to protect it.

      Forgo Boot Bunches

      – Have an old stretched out sweater? Give it new life, use a piece of the sleeve to top the boot without the bunchy-ness.

      boot sweater hack
      Via Dumpaday

      Fall Leaf Hack- use what you have, right?! This fellow takes leaf-blowing to a new level, cleaning off his deck.
      Fall Leaf Hack- here's one way to clean a deck!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Tips-n-Tricks Autumn Life Hacks