Fall Gift Idea: Scarecrow Stew

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      Scarecrow Stew

      a.. Put an envelope of apple cider mix, a cinnamon stick and optional candy corn into a cup with poem and wrap with cellophane. Tie off top of cellophane with raffia.

      b.. Place poem on cider envelope, tie a piece of raffia around it. Add cinnamon stick and small bag of corn near knot and tie in place with a bow.

      Or place all in a Ziploc bag.

      c.. Note: Apple cider mix is available in grocery stores near hot chocolate mix and usually comes 8 in a box.

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      Sounds cute but what is the poem that you use for this??

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      Scarecrows watch over
      as fall fills the air.
      They love the smells
      that are everywhere.

      So they put them together
      into this special stew.
      Just add water and stir with
      the stick they added too.

      Now when the chilly winds come
      sip your scarecrow stew,
      and savor the taste of fall
      as it warms you through!

      Original Author of Poem is Shirley Thomas

      I think the copyright was 2002. (as far as I can tell from my notes!!)

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      Great idea, I’m making these for the all of the kids when we get together for thanksgiving! These are too cute

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