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      Silk leaves and flowers
      Store-bought slip
      Thread that coordinates with the florals
      Hot glue and glue gun
      Store-bought wings (butterfly type, not angel wings!)
      Floral vine
      Floral tape
      Get a poofy slip that easily slips over your child’s head.
      Go to the craft store and pick out a bunch of silk flowers and leaves which coordinate in color. I chose Fall colors and so used earthy toned florals and oak leaves.
      Before you tack the flowers on the back of the bodice, you can tack on a pair of store bought wings so that there are no straps to hide, then simply glue flowers over the middle strip between the wings!
      Next tack the flowers to the bodice of the slip using a couple of easy hand straight stitches, remember that this will make the slip lose elasticity, so make sure it is somewhat roomy.
      Hot glue the leaves to the skirt of the slip. You may stitch these as well but it will take you forever and lost leaves are quickly and easily replaced with a bit of glue!
      The straps of the slips should be covered with smaller flowers or leaves as well.
      A headband can easily be made using a floral “vine” with floral tape to secure it. Just wrap it around the head, cut it at a comfortable length and wrap floral tape here and there to secure it!
      You will have to judge the amount of flowers based on the size of the slip and the flowers. This costume is easy but time-consuming, so allow yourself a couple of days to get it done because it takes a lot of leaves to cover the skirt and you’ll want to hide it entirely. Your child will definitely turn heads in this “one of a kind” outfit!
      You can change this to fit your likes easily. Use sunflowers and brighter green leaves for a summer fairy, or poinsettias and holly for a winter fairy. For an older “fairy” how about grape vines and lightweight plastic grapes?
      Oh and if you’re really, really afraid of needles, you can hot glue the flowers too…it’s also a lot faster if you’re in a hurry!
      If a less poofy slip is used, it would be easier to cover, take fewer leaves and be more economical!

      This is something my friend and I are dressing her daughter as 🙂

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Fall Fairy Costume-easy