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      I’ve made this chicken more times than I can count. Everyone who has my “Fall Apart Chicken” wants the recipe and doubts that it’s right when I tell them.

      try it!!!

      1 whole chicken
      (I also use fresh rosemary because I have it growing year round and love it, but that’s optional)
      Also optional is poultry seasoning and or parsley flakes

      Here’s what you do:

      Rinse the chicken and pat dry. Cut off excess fat if any. Sprinkle with generous amounts of salt, pepper and then whatever other spices you’d like.

      Dry or fresh spices, nothing that is liquid.

      Pop that chicken in the crock pot. no liquids. yup, you read that correctly, no liquids.

      cook on low for 6-7 hours. Be careful when you take the bird out of the crock pot as it will want to fall apart. You will also have an amazing amount of juices at the bottom of the pot that will make an awesome gravy when thickened with a bit of corn starch.

      Great meal, no work, inexpensive and delicious. What’s better?

      I often make this to use the meat in the recipes that call for cooked chicken as well. WAAAAY cheaper than buying those rotisserie chickens at the market.


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      Yum, this sounds great, I’m looking forward to trying it, thanks for sharing!

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      It’s a standard in our house, and we also take the crock pot when camping. Plug it in, play all day, go for a hike, fishing…. come back to the camp site and have dinner waiting….

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      I love taking the crockpot when we camp. You can toss in just about anything in the morning and have a perfect meal when you’re done playing all day.

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Dump Recipes "Fall Apart Chicken" – Crockpot