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      I am working on making a Fairy Garden on a small oval table on my front porch. I will be making the fairies using polymer clay. I want it to be rustic looking and have real potted plants which I will use to make the houses.

      I anyone else making Fairy Gardens?

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      I’ve been making one, I saved this photo and want to recreate the same garden using a couple broken terra cotta pots that I have in my greenhouse.

      We also have a stump in the front yard that would make a great little fairy home.

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      How totally awesum…! Never heard of a Fairy Garden..
      Pleeeease, Please keep us posted on finished project..

      .but it looks complete to me..!

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      Life has got in the way of my fairy garden. So I hope to get working on it again. I have several pieces to put in but waiting on the table to get done .:069:
      There are so many ideas on Pinterest

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