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      Hi Jessica,

      You wrote: Does anyone have any advice on earning extra income… I want something I can do from home after my daughter goes to bed. Any Advice?

      Check outhttp://www.ineways.com/healthierliving The products arefree from toxic chemicals andDr. Samuel Epstein, presidentof the CancerPrevention Coalition has endorsed Neways ashaving chemcial free products. He is now onNeways’ scientificboard. Many distributors have set up message boards about the product and all their income comes from these boards.

      People order directly from your company web site so there’s no inventory to keep up with.The company fills the orders, takes care of paying the taxes to each state and mails you checks. They have products ranging from chemical free baby care products, health and wellness, personal care products, and household products. They will have a new cosmetic line available the end of this month.They also have Durian Fusion.

      It ismade from the only
      fruit that has protein. Durian has tryptophan which makes serotoninfor our brain. It helps combat anxiety in adults and children.And there are no chemcial or drug side effects.

      It works great on my son with adhd.here’s the website for ithttp://www.kingoffruits.com durian and a great compensation plan are what attracted me to this company (i love the other products now). i will give up a lot to make sure myfamily can stay on the durian. if you’re interested, contact me off list and i can tell you a new plan to get jump started.

      Roxanne McLain
      Healthy Living Advocate

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