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      Join your local freecyclers and get all the clothes you need. Also ask around, join a mommy group. I never bought a piece of clothing for my now 2 year old daughter.

      I just gave all her stuff away to another lady who had a baby girl. Also look for swaps and church rummages there are tons of baby things there. And since it's been a while have a baby shower.

      I got a swing, highchair, carseat and bottles and diapers galor from the three I had (job, church, family). All I had to buy was the bed and it was second hand but a newer model with all the safety concerns met from Once Upon a Child and it was like $90 and the mattress $20. I ended up trading in the highchair for one that hangs off the table because my daughter always wanted to eat with us.

      Hope this helps you think of new ways to get stuff. I earned extra money by selling crafts while pregnant. Plenty of time sitting around on bed rest making fabric wreaths and cards and bookmarks sold them all for about $300 extra dollars in my pocket.

      -Jessica White

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      Does anyone have any advice on earning extra income. I'm pregnant with

      my 2nd child and need to get all new baby items.We gave away all the

      baby items from my daughter. Due to a rough pregnancy with my now 9 yr

      old daughter we decided that we were done having children, but the lord

      wanted us to have another bundle of joy. So we need alot of things for

      the baby. I want something I can do from home after my daughter goes

      to bed. Any Advice?

      Thank you,


      God's grace and peace be with you.

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