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      Which type of beans work best in extending ground beef? I see you can use refried beans but I want to cook my own beans from scratch and freeze for use in ground beef. Which blends in the best?

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      I haven’t personally done it, but several people have told me lentils. The flavour is pretty mild, so they blend in very nicely, and the small size doesn’t have them stand out in ground beef.


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      Hi, I recently made a HUGE cornbread casserole that would feed a small army…The beans in this recipe are Kidney Beans (Red) and Black Beans. I’d post the recipe but I don’t have exact measurements. I only used 1 lb.

      of ground beef for the entire thing! Good luck!

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      Have you thought about mixing the ground beef with ground turkey?
      We purchase a 12oz chub of frozen ground turkey for about $1.50 and can get fresh ground on mark down for about $2 per pound. I mix it with the beef and no one has noticed! I usually mix a total of about 10pounds at a time and portion up into one pound baggies.

      Good Luck with the beans and let us know what you try please!! Beans would be even cheaper and more nutritious!!

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