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      Having a freezer is great! This week I found lots of different cuts

      of meat on sale, so I told my husband I would need more than the usual

      grocery budget. But then I’ll have a month or so of only having to

      buy fresh milk, produce, bread, etc. I still use my freezer a lot to

      take advantage of sales, even though most of our kids are grown up and

      no longer live at home. We also have a neighbor who hunts, so we let

      him use part of our freezer when he has a surplus, and of course he

      gives us some venison. Sue

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, Marian Fonseca wrote:


      > I have 5 kids ( 4 at home ). My children also eat me

      > out of house and home. lol

      > My husband and I keep all receipts so we know where

      > the money is going. Alot of us have no idea where it

      > goes. We pay for everything with cash. No checks, or

      > credit cards. I use coupons ( which I trade online

      > with others on a yahoogroup). I shop at consignment

      > shops and I use freecycle alot. I have gotten house

      > paint, brushes, chairs, clothes, etc. all for free

      > from this site.

      > I also have a chest freezer so when things are on sale

      > that I can freeze, I pick up extra. I haven’t had to

      > buy meat or juice for a month now.


      > Marian

      > — Herlean wrote:


      > > I was just checking out a website I read about in

      > > Kiplinger’s,

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