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      I have 5 kids ( 4 at home ). My children also eat me

      out of house and home. lol

      My husband and I keep all receipts so we know where

      the money is going. Alot of us have no idea where it

      goes. We pay for everything with cash. No checks, or

      credit cards. I use coupons ( which I trade online

      with others on a yahoogroup). I shop at consignment

      shops and I use freecycle alot. I have gotten house

      paint, brushes, chairs, clothes, etc. all for free

      from this site.

      I also have a chest freezer so when things are on sale

      that I can freeze, I pick up extra. I haven’t had to

      buy meat or juice for a month now.


      — Herlean <wm_jun99@yahoo.com> wrote:

      > I was just checking out a website I read about in

      > Kiplinger’s,

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