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      Hello, I am a lurker but thought its time to come out lol. We are a family for 6 and my husband is in the miltary and I work full time. With two children in day care and two older ones who seem to eat me out of house and home from the time they come home from school till I get home the money seems to just disapear.

      I love to hear how you all save and way you are doing it. I have started to make a list of every thing we buy down to cash purchases also. We do not eat out as with the 6 of us we just could not afford that at mc.d.

      I just want to thank you all for the ideas its nice to know that being furgal and making your money work for you is ok. We also shop at good will and payless for shoes and any where else we can get good used items. I cant wait for summer for garage sales to start again. I was wonder if I also could have a copy of the spreadsheet, I have been trying to set up a budget but am not that computer

      Thank you so much. Mar Dee mommymaid2002@yahoo.com

      stallmucker wrote: I am a nr and would so appreciate a copy of your spreadsheet. the zbb is something i am still working on as the income changes month to month. thank you kate.

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