Everything Bagel-Biscuit Bombs

Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Breakfast Ideas Everything Bagel-Biscuit Bombs

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      Everything Bagel-Biscuit Bombs
      5 eggs
      1 tbs butter
      3/4 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
      1 cup fully cooked original frozen pork sausage crumbles, thawed from 9.6-oz bag
      16.3-oz can grand’s-style flakey buttermilk biscuits
      1 tbs water
      1 1/2 tsp everything bagel seasoning blend (with sea salt, garlic and onion, from 2.3-oz jar)
      Heat oven to 350°. Line large cookie sheet with cooking parchment paper, or spray with cooking spray. In medium bowl, add 4 of the eggs.

      Beat well with whisk.
      In 10-inch nonstick skillet, melt butter over medium heat. Tilt pan to coat. Pour in beaten eggs.

      Cook 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 min, stirring occasionally, until eggs are firm but still moist. Remove from heat. Stir in cheese until melted. Add sausage crumbles, and stir mixture well.

      Cool 5 minutes.
      Separate dough into 8 biscuits. Let stand 5 min. Gently pull biscuit apart partially, leaving bottom and lower sides intact, forming a deep pocket.

      Place 1/4 cup egg mixture inside, pressing inside to fit. Gently stretch dough over filling, pressing and firmly sealing around edges of biscuit. Reshape into round, and place on cookie sheet.

      (Biscuits will be full.) Repeat for remaining biscuits.
      In small bowl, add remaining egg and the water. Beat well with whisk. Brush egg wash mixture on top of each biscuit.

      Sprinkle tops of biscuits evenly with bagel seasoning.
      Bake 18 to 22 min or until biscuit tops are golden brown and inside mixture is heated through. Serve immediately, or transfer to cooling rack, and refrigerate until cool, about 45 min. Freeze for later use.
      To Freeze and Reheat: Wrap each cooled biscuit tightly in plastic wrap and a layer of foil.

      Transfer to large re-sealable food-storage freezer bag, and place in freezer. To reheat from frozen, remove one biscuit from storage bag. Unwrap completely.

      Wrap biscuit in paper towel. Place on microwavable plate. Microwave on Medium-Low (30%) 1 min.

      Microwave on High 1 to 1 1/2 min or until sandwich is heated through and center is at least 165°. Let stand 1 min before serving. Serves 8

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Breakfast Ideas Everything Bagel-Biscuit Bombs