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      we have just had baby fish. They are soo cute. they look like baby sperms and are about 5 days old.

      I will post some pics when they come out fromthe cave.

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      Proud new parents are so cute.!!! LOL

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      AWhhh,that is too cute!
      We thought we was gunna have Angel fish babies,
      Yeah..umm no, they ate the eggs.
      Coarse this was the 1st time for them,
      and from what i researched they usually eat the 1st
      batch…Well anyways
      Congrats!!! :041:
      Cant wait to see them pictures!

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      When I was growing up a new housing complex opened up near us with all electric homes. Sure enough the first winter an ice storm hit and I woke up to find our entire large home packed with folks sleeping on the floor, sofa’s even the bath tub! We had a big floor furnace that ran on gas only so we were packed to the gills!

      they stayed for 10 days before the electric came back on and then they kept coming back because they all had broken pipes. I once thought it was stressful having 6 in a 1 bathroom house but this sure made me grateful for much more! Needless to say those all electric homes made some changes to handle our continuing power outages!

      I’m close to retirement now and to this day I use a gas only stove and have some gas only heaters in our home. We’ve needed almost every year so DH never complains about my insisting on these things. And yes we still end up with company during extended power outages!

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      congrats!! what kind of fish are they? we had baby convict chiclids.

      their really cute when they get a bit bigger. mini versions of their parents, lol! good luck!

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