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      Yes, well yes/no. We just installed all new Argon Gas filled insulated windows, with insulation throughout our house and a new roof PLUS we had terminix come out and redo our vents under our house and install a vapo layer under there. I have yet to see the savings everyone talks about. The problem with some not all insulation kits is that it leaves markings around your windows. Like I said, not all but some do. My utilities are high simply because that is the price of the gas around here. Scary to think we don’t have control.

      Oh NOT a silly question, there are many things that I’ve seen on here that I never thought about! Have a great day, Robyn

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      This might seem like a silly question, but with everyones utility bill being so high, does anyone use the insulation kits for windows, I’ve heard from neighbors that it should be very effective.

      Just wondering.


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