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      I’m in Michigan. Right now, we live in a 1500 sq ft apartment, and

      only pay electricity. Heat is included in the rent (thank GOD!). Our

      electricity runs about $80 a month right now, but in the summer, it

      will be higher when we use the AC. I want to say we were around

      $150/month over the summer.

      Last winter, we lived in a 900 sq ft house that was very poorly

      insulated, and we were spending at least $300 a month on heat.

      This place is also poorly insulated (we have the heat cranked up to

      about 80-85, the living room is roasting, but all the bedrooms are

      freezing). I’m really glad we don’t pay heat, I don’t even want to

      imagine how high it is. I’d think with the complex paying it, they’d

      be more interested in making the place better insulated.

      — In, “dstutters” wrote:


      > Hi all.


      > I’m a new member to this group, so I’m not quite sure of topics and

      > culture etc.


      > I live in Denver and we’re in the midst of winter of course. I’m

      > getting sick of my energy bills. I paid 267 last month. That’s


      > highest energy bill I’ve ever paid.


      > Another month or two and this should calm down.


      > What are those of you in other states paying?


      > Thanks,

      > Deb

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