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      At 12:56 PM 2/8/2008, Maja wrote:

      This might seem like a silly
      question, but with everyones utility bill being so high, does anyone use
      the insulation kits for windows, I’ve heard from neighbors that it should
      be very effective.

      Not silly at all!

      In newer/more airtight homes, I don’t know that it would help,

      but we live in a 175-year-old farmhouse, and we’d be much, much

      colder without having sealed the windows. We don’t buy the

      kits per se – we buy the heavy plastic sheeting at Wal-Mart and use

      good outdoor tape to seal well. Comes right down in the spring

      and the plastic can be cleaned and re-used.

      So I guess I’m saying that the effectiveness of the method depends

      on the situation you start with. For us, it works well.

      Cindy in KS, waiting eagerly for spring

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