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      We turn ours down to 58 at night and between 60-64 during the day. Kristin

      Karen Pierce wrote: I have a down comforter that I use on our bed, and it keeps us way toasty….I turn the thermostat down to 60 and wear nothing but a t-shirt to bed! KP

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      I’ve found the most wonderful invention!! It is an electric mattress pad, it’s similar to an electric blanket but better. I turn it on to the 3rd setting about 30 minutes before bed, then turn it to the 1st or 2nd setting. No more getting in a cold bed!!! No more wearing socks to bed at night..I turn the heat down to 68 degrees at night. I found mine on Ebay,
      if anyone is interested email me & I’ll send you the seller ID.

      tupska46 <> wrote: I am in the Idaho panhandle and we are experiencing the worst snow
      season since 1968-69 season.

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