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      — In, Vickie



      > I’ve found the most wonderful invention!! It is an electric

      mattress pad, it’s similar to an electric blanket but better. I turn

      it on to the 3rd setting about 30 minutes before bed, then turn it to

      the 1st or 2nd setting. No more getting in a cold bed!!! No more

      wearing socks to bed at night..I turn the heat down to 68 degrees at

      night. I found mine on Ebay, if anyone is interested email me & I’ll

      send you the seller ID.


      > tupska46 wrote: I am in the Idaho panhandle

      and we are experiencing the worst snow

      > season since 1968-69 season.


      Nice! I try to go to 67 or 68 when I’m in the house, and down to 60-

      65 when at work or asleep. Programmable thermostats make this so

      much easier! Also, in the summertime, I leave it at (gulp) 78.

      There are a LOT of other heat/energy/resource-saving methods you

      might consider; here is a short list, but if anyone wants to add,

      let’s snowball this puppy and knock the daylights out of our energy


      Before we start, though – let’s issue ONE disclaimer – these are

      things we’re doing, we’ve tried, we’ve heard work, etc.. Nobody

      holds another liable. Do your own background footwork before

      pursuing at your own risk. 😀

      Here’s what what I have, to get the ball rolling:

      1. In the summer, open your windows once it cools off in the evening,

      and close (and shut drapes) first thing in the morning. In the

      winter, open your drapes during the day, and close at sunset.

      2. Set your programmable thermostat down at night and when you are


      3. If your water heater is warm to the touch, insulate it.

      4. Inspect your house for air drafts and plug them.

      5. If you have an electric dryer, plug up your vent hole, and put a

      nylon stocking over your vent tube, so it will put the warm air into

      your house, and yet not add to the dust.

      6. Dry your clothes in the dryer for the shortest amount of time

      possible. Drip dry what you can.

      7. Set your washer to cold water, and use for only full loads on a

      short cycle. You didn’t need all that hot water and lengthen

      agitaion time, did you? Hmm, that sounds a lot like my last

      marriage, LOL…

      8. If your area of jurisdiction allows, use gray water for watering

      your lawn or doing other tasks.

      9. Add limited amounts of acetone to your car’s gas (regular gas

      only) tank to improve mileage.

      10. Grocery bags can be reused in a million ways, starting a trash

      can liners.

      11. Unplug appliances that are not in use. These draw energy whether

      you use them or not. Put other plug in items on a timer. A timer

      can sell for around $5 at Christmas time. You don’t need a fancy

      timer, just like you don’t need a fancy credit card bill.

      12. If you can use a checking account that pays you interest,

      regardless of your balance, do so. I use Electric Orange, by ING.

      It’s FANTASTIC.

      13. Ban the TV for a week. This saves energy, and the kids whine

      less for toys, etc., because they aren’t constantly bombarded by thos

      ludicrous ads.

      14. Bake in batches, or use the smallest appliance you have available

      to do the job.

      15. Switch to LED or CFL lights. LEDs are most expensive, but are

      insanely cheap, and last a very long time.

      16. If you’re going to be out of a room for more than a few seconds,

      shut off the light! Motion controlled sensors are great, but I

      wouldn’t know how you could get one for free 🙂 If you do, though,

      please share!

      17. Go shopping no more than once each week, and use a list. Stay

      with the list.

      18. Take up or stick to hobbies that use fewer resources, and

      gravitate toward games with high replay value. Make a list of fun

      things to do that fit into this category. They are usually better

      for you, and create memories that you will value for the long run.

      19. Create a hand-me-down chain, for clothes and other things.

      Freecycle and Craiglist are two established examples, but you might

      know someone personally that is willing.

      20. reuse, reduce, recyle – and repair.

      21. Eat more fresh, not cooked, fruits and vegetables. Saves time,

      energy and health!

      I’ll add more later – Have a great day!


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