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      I have read that for every degree higher it raises your energy bill by 4%. Barbara

      Karen Pierce wrote: Well, the cost of keeping one’s thermostat is much higher if you keep it at 75 rather than 65 for one thing…for another thing, for myself anyway, 75 is way too warm for me. KP

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      Christopher Ryan To: Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2008 10:49 PM Subject: Re: : Energy Bills
      I have noticed that individuals in this group consistently set their
      thermostat to 65 degrees. Is there some reason why 65 instead of 75?


      Christopher Ryan.

      On 2/5/08, Barbara <> wrote:
      > Hi Deb, I live in Littleton, CO and I heat a 650 sq ft apartment
      > and my bill last month was $127.

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