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      I’m most comfortable at 68, I get too warm if it gets set much above

      that. Today it was unseasonably warm so I turned it down to 60. It got a

      little chilly but nothing a comfy hoodie couldn’t handle.

      I turn it down to 65 at night and we use lots of blankets. We all like

      cool bedrooms so thats not an issue. My husband drives me crazy though.

      If he gets cold during the day, he will jack the thermostat up to 80 “to

      take the chill off”. He works nights so he is home alone during the day

      and sometimes when I get home, the house is way too warm. Bugs me to no

      end! I’m thinking of putting a locked cover over the thermostat.


      On Wed, Feb 6, 2008 at 8:04 AM, Karen Pierce wrote:

      Well, the cost of keeping one’s thermostat is much higher if you keep it

      at 75 rather than 65 for one thing…for another thing, for myself

      anyway, 75 is way too warm for me.

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