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      HOW MUCH EMERGENCY FOOD?: the foods below are fairly light weight, but there
      are some canned goods, most of it needs water to be ready to eat .. although
      the standard is supplies for 3 days, considering the FEMA response etc I’d
      vote for at least a week’s worth of food and water … this is only possible if
      you have a car ..I have an online buddy who has spent so far 11 hours and moved
      31 miles in TX today .. water adds in weight .. alot of weight there is no
      way you can physically carry all you need

      WATER: 1 gallon of water is about 8 pounds .. recommendations run 1 – 1 1/2
      gallons a day so up to 12 # per person per day .. having smaller bottles to
      carry water on your person may work better than trying to lug a gallon in a

      if you are recycling containers for water you must clean them, then toss
      bleach in them swish around, dump and add fresh water ..

      you can carry iodine or purification tablets as well as backup bleach

      IMPORTANT: put all the foods you want to use for emergency use in the freezer
      for at least 5 days .. opening a package of rice with miller moths is not a
      good thing …

      we go on vacation every year and bring some kitchen gear with us .. this is
      in the emergency closet so we can just grab and go .. I found this great square
      pack with handles .. it has my peeler (I hate the ones in the condo), can
      opener, lightweight plastic dish set for picnics etc (I avoid paper if possible),
      camp silverware, zip bags (the guys fish), aluminum foil, corn meal and
      flour mixture (for fish), spices (spices you can use pill bottles to store them
      in, dried onions, dried mushrooms), bottle of oil (plastic bottle in zip
      bag), empty bottle for minced garlic (we refill each year), oh and my frypan the
      ones there generally suck, dried tomatoes yada yada ..

      Misc kitchen gear: a large family pot or 2, a ladle, frypan (lid works on
      mess kits), can opener, freezer zip bags (handy for all kinds of things) ..
      spices – although spices sounds like overdoing it – for kids the taste of familiar
      things can be calming .. film cannisters are not food safe but if spices are
      in baggies and twist tied it would work

      adults or older kids will need to carry the canned goods, dark kidneys,
      tomatoes, corn etc ..

      grab from the house breads,cheese, fresh fruit & veggies etc

      fold down sterno stoves are easy to pack, the weight of the sterno may or may
      not be a concern .. we carried these in the saddlebags of the bike so we
      could stop and have soenmthing to drink and eat in local parks etc … you can
      also pick up stoves that will burn anything – we got ours years ago and think it
      was close to $60 then .. lightweight, quick heat for cooking, very efficent
      use of fuel (pinecones, bark whatever) .. pack an extra set of waxed matches
      with stove

      Ice chests – assuming you have freezer room put some 1/2 gallon milk jugs in
      fridge and freeze (some for the freezer ice chest, some for the current ice
      chest and some for drinking water use the first day (*wrap these and have out) ..

      for the ice chest you will be getting into – limit opening the lid, ice will
      melt quickly and you can loose your food stocks

      having two smaller ones makes more sense than 1 big one .. designate one as
      long term storage (2-3 days from now foods) .. all food needs to be frozen and
      wrapped .. use the frozen jugs of water (do not top off with water) .. pack
      food low, then cover with blue ice, then another layer or 2 of newspaper old
      blanket, towel whatever

      EMERGENCY FOODS: suggest you make some of these and cook them, you can adjust
      to fit your families tastes

      use your SEAL – A – MEAL to make channels .. measure out one serving, place
      in channel (*try using a funnel) then seal and cut ..

      complex carbs will hold you over, eliminate the puffed cold cereals – no
      staying power

      nuts are a good source of protein, another is quinoe (*grain from S America)

      HOT RICE CEREAL – serve 4 (divide into 4 bags)
      3 C Minute Rice
      1 t cinnamon
      1/2 C dried fruit (raisins, dried apples, etc)
      dried milk & creamer

      **for all add 3 C water ..for individual serving add 3/4 C hot water and cook
      .. Bring to a boil, cover, remove from heat. Allow to steam 5 – 7 minutes ..

      HOT CORN MEAL MUSH – serve 4 (divide into 4 bags)
      1 C corn meal
      1 t salt
      dried milk & creamer
      tad of sugar (opt)

      **for all add 3 C boiling water .. individual serving 3/4 C water

      HOT OVERNIGHT CEREAL – serves 3 – 4 (bag up separate)
      1 C cracked wheat
      1 C oats
      1/4 C wheat germ
      1/4 C brown sugar
      1C dried fruit

      **cover w/hot water and leave lid on .. in morning simmer addung water to
      prevent sticking




      CEREAL ADD INS: (divide into approx 1/4 C package)
      6oz dried fruit
      1/4 C raisins
      2 T brown sugar
      1/2 t cinnamon
      1/3 C shredded coconut

      **cover with water, cook til raisins are plump .. add on top of hot cereals

      other options:
      1/2 C grape nuts
      chopped dates
      sunflower seeds

      SCRAMBLED EGGS – serves 2 (package at least 3 of these, can be used in other
      2/3 C dry egg powder
      1 T wheat germ
      3 T dry milk
      pinch of parsley, chives, salt & pepper

      * add 2/3C warm water. stir lightly & cook .. real bacon bits are a nice

      SNACKS: everyone should be carrying individual servings of snacks

      Raisins, salted nuts, choc chips, cocoanuts, chopped dates etc etc

      package in small 1/3C packets

      1/2 C smooth peanut butter
      1/2 C honey
      gradually add in
      1 C dry milk
      1 C uncooked quick oats
      use melon baller or roll into small ball let dry for several hours to day ..
      wrap and package

      fig newtons, oatmeal cookies, shortbread

      individual wrapped candies

      Pita bread, tortillas, heavy brown breads – rye, pumpernickel,

      dry salami, smoked meat sticks, beef jerky .. canned tuna .. ham in can
      (*small) .. canned chicken ..

      TVP granules .. peanut butter

      Wyler’s packaged soups. bouillon, lipton etc

      instant potato, dehydrated onion, bacon bits, paprika, garlic powder, dash of
      cayenne, some creamer makes a good soup

      check the grocery shelf for soup starters most have dehydrated veggies in them

      pasta bag 1/2 C per person individually .. can boil with boullion

      ramen cook 2 packages of noodles w/ 1 package of spice save it for another

      box mac & cheese * split the cheese mix in 2 add in creamer and/or dried
      milk, add a bit more pasta (also split into 2 bag up individually

      make a variety of drink servings

      Tang (this is really great hot, also good if you have a cold)
      Hot coffee w/creamer & sugar (*label if you have diabetics)
      Hot cocoa mix
      Cool-aid – find out how mnay servings you get from one package and split up
      the coolaid – I like a bit of Lemonade tossed into my water

      If trying to store large amounts of food .. make sure you freeze it for 5days
      first, bug eggs are allowed in our foods, when they hatch you loose your food

      small metal garbage cans, fruitcake tins are all options ..

      I use canning jars & metal lids (not plastic) up at camp to keep the mice out
      of pasta, flour, pancake mix etc etc

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      We keep an Emergency Pail under the stairs in the hallway. It’s an inexpensive 5 gallon bucket from lowes with about a weeks worth of homemade mixes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. We went through nasty storm several years back where we lost power for about a week and we’ve been very careful since then to ensure we have an emergency kit. Between Tornadoes, ice storms, wind storms, hurricanes and all the damn terrorists these days, you just never know when you’ll need it.

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