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      I have made a treasure chest out of a cardboard box before (pirate
      props for preschool). You tape the box completly closed. Use duct
      tape, not plastic clear tape.

      Colored duct tape would be nicer, but
      not neccessary. Then draw on the 2 sides a curve and connect them on
      a 3rd side. Cut these lines using a utility knife.

      Know the flap
      that opens up needs to open better, so lightly using the utility knife
      cut slats into the 1st layer of cardboard. It should look like wood
      planking in a way. This will able the top to curl around the curve
      and lay nicly.

      Ok, I forgot to mention that I did cut the extra from
      the sides (the parts from the top of the curve). I used these to form
      a bar across the inside of thebox – like a carring handle when the lid
      is open. I then spray painted the whole thing bronze.

      You can use
      whatever color you like. Then I used color tape to put triming on the
      whole thing.

      Going with the pirate them, I spray painted gravel rocks gold and
      silver. I found mini treasure boxes at the dollar store. I painted a
      skull and cross bones on black fabric.

      I made a game and added scrap
      fabric to use as waist and head scarfs. Bought cheep necklaces and
      bracelets. I even found girl pitarte headdresses at the dollar store.
      There are tons of websites on kids pirate crafts.

      Some paper towel
      rolls for swords and telescopes. The party store sells eye patches
      and hats. Some of their party playes can double as maps.

      Brown paper
      bags cut so they can make their own maps. black rectangles of paper
      and sticks and glue to make flags. The dollar store also sells silver
      trays and plastic fish bowl trinkets for treasure.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Emergency Box for a Stormy Day