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      — In, Ann Garner wrote:


      > Just to let you know, inactivity can also cause constipation. Get


      > and walk. Even if it is inside the house, walking is good. I


      > have any idea of the layout of your house, but here’s some

      > ideas: From the front door to the back. Just keep going for so


      > “laps” or so many minutes. If you start feeling uncomfortable,


      > write down the time or laps, whichever. Next day, stop at that


      > time or laps. After a few days, see if you can add a lap or a


      > of minutes. Believe it or not, a friend of mine that weighed over

      > 500 pounds lost weight this way. He said it sure was an

      > encouragement when their housekeeper started in Woohoo, look at you

      > go! when he tried without his canes. It’s been a struggle, but


      > down to about 400 pounds.

      > Ann in Arkansas


      You know you are right walking is very good ,thats why a dog has to

      go when you take them for a walk I guess it applys tp humans also ??

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