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      > About a month ago,I had a very hard time moving my bowels,

      Nexium Is working fine for me And the other problem …. cherrio’s

      work for me .. the straining part is not good can blow out fine blood

      vessels in that area.

      I spent a lot of cash for a colon cleanse and nothing happened

      cherrios did the job and high in fiber,low fat and good.

      Go to a naturalpath and find out what you are a alergic to food

      wise,it doesn’t cost that much maybe $75-80 and will find out what

      kinds of foods you should not be eating,belive me it helps.

      Sleep with your head higher ,I use three big pillows and almost sit

      up most nights,you dont want that acid comeing back up in the middle

      of a deep sleep you wont like it and think you are dieing,It happens

      to me if I eat late at nite which is a no no.

      good luck

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