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      Just to let you know, inactivity can also cause constipation. Get up

      and walk. Even if it is inside the house, walking is good. I don’t

      have any idea of the layout of your house, but here’s some

      ideas: From the front door to the back. Just keep going for so many

      “laps” or so many minutes. If you start feeling uncomfortable, stop,

      write down the time or laps, whichever. Next day, stop at that same

      time or laps. After a few days, see if you can add a lap or a couple

      of minutes. Believe it or not, a friend of mine that weighed over

      500 pounds lost weight this way. He said it sure was an

      encouragement when their housekeeper started in Woohoo, look at you

      go! when he tried without his canes. It’s been a struggle, but he’s

      down to about 400 pounds.

      Go on-line and search for the diets you need. webmd is a very good

      place for such things. You can also look up conditions and learn a

      lot about them.

      Yes, drink a lot of water. I work in a hot job, and if I get

      dehydrated it causes constipation. One easy way to tell if you are

      drinking enough liquids is to pull up just a tiny fold of skin on the

      back of your hand. If it goes back to normal immediately when

      released, you are ok. If it takes a second or 2, drink some water.

      Ann in Arkansas

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