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      Why are “no mail” settings no longer allowed? I belong to 15 groups, of

      which about 5-10 are highly active. I don’t ignore any groups- I go to

      them and post activly. However, I prefer going to the actual site as

      opposed to having my email clogged.

      Even with Daily Digest, it’s email clogging. Not to mention trying to

      sort through up to 25 posts in a single email being a pain in the rump.

      So, I guess I’m wondering why it’s such a big deal that we HAVE to get

      email sent to us from this group.

      If it’s really that big of a problem, let me know. I have no interest

      in getting direct emails, however, aside from special notices. Since I

      log in and check the group up to 5 times a day, though, I don’t feel I

      miss anything, or should have to get it sent to my email box.

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