Elf Shoe Fancy Christmas Napkin

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      Fancy Elf Shoe Napkins! Here’s an easy way to spruce up the holiday table for fancy dinners in less than a minute!

      Image source:trucsetbricolages.com

      1. Fold a square napkin from the bottom to the top
      2. then fold again from the top to the bottom.

      Place finger in center and fold in two sides (like the nose of a paper airplane)
      4. Fold sides in again (just like a paper airplane) creating a sharp tip
      5. fold the two halves over onto each other and face the open part towards the bottom.

      Fold the top layer up, the bottom layer folds in half
      7. Wrap the over the top layer and tuck into the flap
      8. Turn down the loose material to form a cuff


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      This is hilarious, thanks for sharing.

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