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      Hi! Here are 2 excellent sites for improving your knowledge of and

      reducing your use of electric.Lower your electric bill by learning from

      these sites. I love these 2 sites. They are http://www.energyright.com and

      after the page comes up , look on the left side toward the bottom and

      click on personalized energy profile report and the other site is

      https://michaelbluejay.com/electricity . the personalized report will

      even use your last 12 months electric bills to help figure out the

      usage and graph and pie chart your different percentages of use. You

      will need to get your electric bills for last 12 months and the KWh for

      that period too . I got mine by going to my electric companies site and

      registering there so i could see the last 36 months bills. Let me know

      how you like these sites . Thanks and blessings,lisa

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