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      Here are ways we save on electric.

      1 wash clothes in cold water and hang out to dry

      2 burn wood, we find trees that have blown down, ask and cut it.

      Clean up very well and usually they will recommend you to someone


      3 turn off lights and unplug all electrical stuff that does not need

      to be reset.

      4 turn down your water heater and put a heater blanket on it.

      5 handwash dishes instead of running dish washer or only use it when


      6 turn off coffee pot instaed of letting it stay on. the heater uses


      7 replace bulbs with low watt bulbs, they cost more but last longer

      and do use less energy

      8 call your electric company and ask for a free enrgy audit. Most

      have them, they come out and measure the amount of heat being lost at

      windows, and many other tips. Mine also provided free low energy

      light bulbs.

      Last Nov, we had a $300 electric bill, this past Nov it was $81. When

      my husband lost his job, we had to find many ways to cut our costs.


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