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      The electric bill is always something to master around here.

      We lowered the temp on the hot water heater. You might make two adjustments

      a year, we seem to need it a little hotter in the winter than summer.

      We have the thermostat on a timer. We generally are up till about 11 but the

      thermostat goes into night mode at 10 (it seems to encourage our night owl

      teens to go to bed too.) I am up at 5:45, the rest of the gang at 6, which

      is when the heat revs up. Down again when we are out the door and up for the

      kids coming home from school. I close the drapes on the North side of the

      house and leave at least a couple on the south side open for the cat to sun

      herself. We learned from vet bills!

      I cook a lot of full meals in the oven, meat and veggies. Although heating

      up the oven is expensive there is usually 2 or 3 meals there. The microwave

      is used to heat those.

      I keep my freezer full with food or water jugs. It holds the cold when you

      open it up Air you will jist keep reheating each time. And I have ice in the

      jugs for camping too.

      We are switching to the more effecient corkscrew type light bulbs and have

      installed floresents where possible.

      The biggest difference we made last year was adding 12 inches of insulation

      to the attic. It has just about paid for itself in the 15 months we have had


      Next we are working saving to replace doors and windows. That will make a

      big difference. We also are thinking of siding. You have to save in all

      places so credit is NOT an option on this.

      Take care


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