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      we have a few drafty windows, particularly the big bay window in the living room. Every year, my husband puts that plastic window covering over these windows and the difference is immediately noticable. Where before the plastic, especially on a windy day, we’d set the temp at 68 or 70 and it would still seem cold. Now we set it 65 and sometimes almost feels too warm. With the temps in the 50s and low 60s lately, we’ve been able to turn the heat off during the day! Thats our best tip.

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      From: “Danielle”

      well I am in Ohio – and I can get seasoned firewood for about $85 a
      cord which is fairly cheap around here. I just don’t know how it
      compares to how much it will help our electric bill. We are in an
      oversized tri-level, and the fireplace is on one end of the main level.

      Also looking for regular ideas of cutting back the electric bill. Does
      anyone have a list like that? Like 1) turn out the lights (I know that
      one – LOL)

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