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      My electric bill was really high there for awhile. I’m

      in GA. and it ran around $230 every month.

      I dont use the washer and dryer during the day. I only

      use them early in the morning or at night. I heard

      that they use alot of electrcity during the day. When

      I use my dryer at night, it also helps heat the house.

      Great in winter but not in the summer. LOL Also try

      notto turn the lights on and off all the time. I heard

      that uses more electric also.

      If anyone has any other ideas, I could use them too.


      Oh BTW, my bill for December was $117

      — Christine Sinden <cmsgroup@wi.rr.com> wrote:

      > Coming in a little late on this one, but we switched

      > to those spiral bulbs (can’t rememeber correct name

      > right now) and they REALLY saved us cash right away.

      > They are a bit expensive but they last a long time

      > (years). We did find that the ones we bought in

      > packs won’t work for long in dimmer switched lamps.

      > Christine


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      > well I am in Ohio – and I can get seasoned

      > firewood for about $85 a

      > cord which is fairly cheap around here. I just

      > don’t know how it

      > compares to how much it will help our electric

      > bill. We are in an

      > oversized tri-level, and the fireplace is on one

      > end of the main level.


      > Also looking for regular ideas of cutting back the

      > electric bill. Does

      > anyone have a list like that? Like 1) turn out the

      > lights (I know that

      > one – LOL)

      > Danielle






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