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      Coming in a little late on this one, but we switched to those spiral bulbs (can’t rememeber correct name right now) and they REALLY saved us cash right away. They are a bit expensive but they last a long time (years). We did find that the ones we bought in packs won’t work for long in dimmer switched lamps.

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      well I am in Ohio – and I can get seasoned firewood for about $85 a
      cord which is fairly cheap around here. I just don’t know how it
      compares to how much it will help our electric bill. We are in an
      oversized tri-level, and the fireplace is on one end of the main level.

      Also looking for regular ideas of cutting back the electric bill. Does
      anyone have a list like that? Like 1) turn out the lights (I know that
      one – LOL)

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