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      All appliances pull power, even when off or not in use. If you ever

      listen by your tv set, for example, you will hear a light buzzing

      noise. If you unplug it, you will hear nothing now. I suggest that

      you unplug your stove and only plug it in while using it. We

      unplugged all our rarely used appliances and our bill dropped $20 a

      month….big difference.


      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, E Jackson wrote:


      > I have an Jen-Air electic stove


      > my kids have moved out and we use the microwave oven to do most



      > well my electricity bill went from the in the 60’s to about $35

      per month USD $ —

      > I am thinking that darn stove pulls lots of power


      > Does anyone here know if there is that much of a difference —

      maybe I need to get a new stove …..


      > maybe older electric stoves pull lots of power ….


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