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      I’m in north central Ohio, real close to Lake Erie. The biggest thing I’ve

      found to save money on my electric bill is to keep your billing load as low

      as possible. I don’t run any combination of my big energy users together.

      For us, that means the computer, a/c, washer and tv. It could also include

      stove, dryer, dishwasher, ect. It can be a pain sometimes, but when you get

      used to it, as we have it’s not too bad to live with. I’ve even managed to

      train my 3 teenagers on this matter as we have been following this for about

      4 years now. We also have our thermostat programmed to go down to 55 at

      night and come back up before we get up. I have an article on this, if I

      find it in the next day or two I’ll post the link for it.



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      From: “Danielle” <DMarieCM@aol.com>

      > Also looking for regular ideas of cutting back the electric bill. Does

      > anyone have a list like that? Like 1) turn out the lights (I know that

      > one – LOL)

      > Danielle

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