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      How much does it cost to add insulation to the house? I know we have some, but I am thinking of adding more. Every penny matters, but if it will help us out, we will do it. Part of our problem is that our house has old windows. They really need to be replaced. In the meantime, we have to live with the draftiness. We are going to try putting the plastic on the windows this year. Fortunately, it has been warmer than usual around here this winter. Now that January and February are upon us, I suspect it will get colder. Another thing – when you add insulation, should you do the blown in type or the pink stuff? This is tough. Herlean

      Chris Drake wrote: Marie Elena,I am from
      London,Ontario.We used to be on budget billing in
      our last house,but the bills aren’t too bad in this house,so we just pay
      as we go.There’s a lot more insulation in this house as it is newer than
      the other one we had,so that makes a lot of difference.Our gas
      appliances help,too,dryer,water heater,furnace,stove and barbecue.


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