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      My husband sells firewood here in NY. He gets good money for it

      because there is alot of work in cutting trees, using a wood

      splitter, loading and unloading it several times and paying his

      helper. But if a cord of wood lasts you a couple months burning

      everyday and costs you say $200, depending on where you live, then

      it might save you in the long run. If you can get your own wood, the

      better. The only cost would be your time, gas for chainsaw and a

      truck to haul it.

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      > Any ideas on cutting the electric bill? We do have a wood burning

      > fireplace but no access to free wood. I have asked on freecycle


      > Does anyone know how the cost of buying firewood compares to the


      > on the electric bill?




      > Thanks for any help!


      > Danielle


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