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      Are you able to change any of your utilities to gas?We live in Canada

      and we find it cheaper than electricity.We had all electric 30 years

      agoand even then,it was too much.We have a wood burning fireplace,but we

      don’t use it unless it’s really cold,but it helps.Our house is 2100

      sq.ft. and our kids left last fall,so it took 2 months to notice a

      difference and our kids used a lot of water and

      other utilities.You don’t realize until they leave how much they used.I

      think we pay more in Canada for our utilities from what I have seen of

      what Americans pay.We may have the health benefit here,but we pay dearly

      for everything else.We have such long times for surgery here,my husband

      waited over a year for gallbladder surgery and he was so sick.Chris

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