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Weight Loss on a Budget Diet Plans Effortless Exercise

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      Effortless Exercise
      Who said you have to “work out” to stay in shape? No matter what your lifestyle, incorporating fitness into your daily life is easier and more natural than you think. Here are a few suggestions that can help make you fit fitness into your daily routine.

      At Work
      Park your car a little further away from work so you can get in a walk.
      Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.
      Program your computer or handheld to sound an alarm reminding you to get up and stretch every hour.
      Keep a pair of running shoes at your desk and turn lunchtime errands into a power walk.
      Each Monday, schedule a “lunch date” with yourself to walk around the block. Start with one day a week, and work up from there.
      Consider using a stability ball instead of a chair.
      Join a gym that offers lunchtime or after-work classes in yoga, aqua fitness, boxing or some other activity you enjoy.

      At Home
      Keep a jump rope by the back door and skip for a few minutes each day.
      Put an exercise machine like a stationary bicycle, a treadmill or a step climber in front of the television, and work out while you watch. Start with 10 minutes and build up.
      Do 25 toe lifts each time you brush your teeth.
      Do 10 squats or stretch while you’re on the phone.
      If you’re a parent or grandparent, have a play-date with the kids in the park where you can play too—teeter-tottering, monkey bars and the swings build strength and core conditioning.
      Stretch in bed before you rise each morning or before you go to sleep at night.

      At Play
      Rediscover your neighborhood on walks and bike rides.
      Go for a swim at a local lake or community pool; create your own personal goals.
      Take weekend hikes with your family.
      Join or create a social sports club with work friends. Consider outdoor sports like baseball and ultimate Frisbee, and indoor sports like racquetball and ice hockey.
      Turn fun occasional activities into regular exercise, like dancing, skating or cross-country skiing.

      Remember, ask your doctor before engaging in strenuous physical activity

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      I love these ideas! 🙂

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      Great post JoAnn! Love it!

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      wow! this is great! thanks for sharing!

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      You give great ideas I hope I’ll work on it as much as possible. Thanks for sharing

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      Those are great ideas! I will have to break out my exercise ball!

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      Thanks for sharing. Great post

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      Really great ideas!!
      Thanks for sharing them with us;

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Weight Loss on a Budget Diet Plans Effortless Exercise