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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Edible "Masks"

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      This is another “Hershey’s” Recipe

      Edible “Masks”
      1 package (18 oz.) refrigerated sugar cookie dough
      3/4 cup all-purpose flour
      1 can (16 oz.) vanilla ready-to-spread frosting
      Assorted food color
      Decorations, such as: rolo caramels in milk chocolate, hershey’s kisses brand milk chocolates, small (1-1/2 inch) york peppermint patties, kit kat crisp wafers in chocolate, reese’s pieces candies, twizzlers pull-n-peel candy
      1. Heat oven to 350°F. Grease cookie sheet.

      2. Combine cookie dough and flour until mixture holds together. Roll dough into 1/4-inch thick rectangle on lightly floured work surface..

      3. Draw two 7 to 8 inches high Halloween shapes (pumpkin, ghost, witch, etc.) on cardboard; cut out. Cover them with clear plastic wrap.

      Place over dough; trace around cardboard pattern with knife. Cut completely through dough. Place shapes on prepared cookie sheet.

      Using a straw, make one 1/4-inch wide hole in each side of “mask” where ear would be.

      4. Bake 15 to 20 minutes or until lightly browned. Cool slightly; carefully remove from cookie sheet to wire rack.

      Cool completely.

      5. Divide frosting and tint with food color; frost cookies. Using your imagination, decorate cookies with assorted candies.

      Separate pull-n-peel candy into strands; tie 1 strand into each hole to resemble strings on a mask. 2 cookies.

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      Sounds yummy! Happy Halloween!

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      sounds fun if you dont eat everything before finishing them LOL

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      Was just thinking the same thing! How do you keep from eating the candy while it is baking 🙂
      This looks so fun!

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      My suggestion: buy two or three times the amount of candy you need! That’s the only way I could do it! 🙂

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      Do that and I will have to ask Santa to send me clothes a few sizes larger 🙂 Oh well up those exercises then it wont happen 🙂

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      I will gain 15 pounds making this….I may have to munch on some carrots….love this too…thanks!!!!

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Edible "Masks"