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      If the certificate can be used at a long list of spa’s around the

      country, you’ll likely be able to get back almost full value on the GC.

      However, if it’s for a specific salon or salon chain not found all

      over, then you probably won’t get close to the full value because it

      really limits the target “audience” of bidders.

      I would set it for a long run- 7 or 10 days, set to end either in the

      evening after work lets out, or on a Saturday before noon or after 6pm,

      and start it off at a low bid. If you really want to have a reserve,

      maybe do $75.00.

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “pseuzanne” wrote:


      > I have a spa gift certificate to sell on ebay (no luck selling it on

      > craigslist), and have two questions. When is the optimal time to have

      > an auction end? On the weekend, when more people have time to be

      > shopping?


      > Also, the gift certificate is worth $100. What should I put as my

      > reserve amount? How much would people expect to pay for that on ebay?


      > Thanks,

      > Suzanne

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