The Gloves are Off Scams & Flim Flams Ebay Seller

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    I have no idea if the owners of this website will be at all interested- or if this is even the right place to mention it. But there is a seller on ebay going by the name of suthrnjewl. This lady sells natural cosmetic recipes and the like which she claims are her own and that she holds all legal rights to them.
    However after viewing several of them- in my opinion they have simply been cut and pasted from various free websites that I frequent.
    One of which happens to be this one- several sets of ‘books’ are exact copies of recipes and ideas hosted on this site, specifically from your valentine’s day category.
    I have contacted ebay with my concerns- but they are as useless as the automated emails they send out. Whether you actually hold rights to these or not- or indeed even care that they are being sold is entirely your own business.
    I however thought it curteous to at least inform you along with the other lovely websites that generously host such information.


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    That’s such a shame. I thought I remembered reading somewhere, though, that recipes are not copyrighted, but the directions to them are. It doesn’t make any sense to me that someone can just swipe a recipe and then re-word the directions and pass it off as their own. Oh well.

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    oh i see
    what a shame

    I only use ebay to buy textbook

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The Gloves are Off Scams & Flim Flams Ebay Seller