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      Hi! You may try a crystal deodorant. The crystal deodorant is 100% natural mineral salts> It works by creating a protective barrier against odor causing bacteria. My daughter plays basketball and volleyball and used to be the smelly girl on the team..but this really works. My bf myself and my daughter use the same crystal that cost $7.00 and we have been using for 6 months and you can barely tell it is used. We got it because it has no Aluminum Chlorohydrate which some say leads to alzheimers/dementia etc.

      I looked on the container and it has a website

      We got ours in the organic sections of our local store. We actually bought one for everybody in the family for Christmas in their “green” baskets of recyclable/natural goodies.

      Hope this helps…..


      Date: Fri, 9 May 2008 15:04:21 +0000
      Subject: : Ebarressing problem

      Hey!! Now that the weather is getting warmer/HOT,I am perspiring alot
      and becoming just miserable because I have body oder!! I had not had
      this problem last year and am wondering if it had to do with
      age/hormones( I’m 40). This makes me self concience especially in
      tight areas like church. Is there anything I can do to combat this
      problem or do I need to hibernate this Summer?

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