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      You wouldn’t run your car without water, fuel, or lubrication. Your body doesn’t run properly without these things either.

      Water: Divide your weight by 2. That is how many ounces you need a day to run your body. It may seem like a lot, but figure how many 20 oz bottles of water that is. You could replace soft drinks and coffee with water pretty painlessly.

      Grains: Eat only whole grain cereals and breads. Easy to do.Sara Lee has a whole grain white bread.Check the box.

      Fruits and vegetables: Banannas are inexpensive and have fiber. Peaches and strawberries are plentiful. So are mellons. Sweet potatoes, cabbage, green beans and most ther vegtables have fiber.

      Beans are wonder foods. Combined with rice the are considered a complete protien and an exellent replacement for meat.

      A really healthy digestive system should defacate about two hours after each meal.

      No, I,m not an authority but, Been there-done that.

      Bon appetite!!!!


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      I solved this problem for me by eating white Northern beans. I soak them
      overnight in water, rinse and pressure cook mine. Then I use sandwich
      containers to portion the beans in -saves time and money for me. I don’t
      have to drink 8 glasses of water, walk a mile /day etc.
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