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      Changing any diet can be overwhelming, I would take baby steps and

      start with the most irritating/binding foods.

      For acid reflux I would Try to eliminate :

      1. Coffee

      2. Chocolate

      3. Spicy foods

      4. acidic foods

      For constipation:

      1. Try to get moving (exercise)

      2. Drink at least 6-8c. H2O daily

      3. Increase fiber (beans are really high in fiber)

      4. Make sure you are eating enough fruits and veggies

      5. Drink prune juice (small amount daily with breakfast)

      6. Add small amount of dried fruits to your meals

      I would pick just one or two things a week to start with and the nexium

      should help. Also, try not to eat at least a couple hours before

      laying down. Good Luck! Lisa

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