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      Here is the benefit of my 55 years of dealing with esophogial reflux,

      asthma, and rheumotoid arthritis.

      1. Take the Nexxium.Take is as directed and as often as directed.

      That means usually on an empty stomach at least one hour before

      eating or drinking anything at all. That means water only. No

      coffee, coke, tea, milk, cocoa or any other drink you can imagine.

      Not even the fiber drink I will be suggesting next.

      2.Increase your fiber. Oatmeal, steel cut oats, bran flakes, Sugar

      free orange flavor Citricel (instead of orange juice). Brown rice,

      not white. Bulgar wheat not couscous, whole wheat spaghetti etc. I

      make 5 fiber choices a day.

      3. Seven (yes seven) servings of fresh, fruits or vegetables a day.

      1/2 cup of most things is a serving but salad and melon I bump up to

      1 cup.

      4. At least three servings of dairy daily. I prefer lowfat milk,

      buttermilk and yogurt, cottage cheese and riccotta and lowskim

      mozzarella and 2% cheddars.

      5. Water – Keeps things moving along, especially all that fiber.

      Cold water is easiest on your system. Those flavored and

      artificially sweetened things tend to put a stress on your kidneys

      but your choice, just load up on the stuff 8-10 coke size glasses


      6. Most important – exercise daily. Maybe 15 minutes of stretching,

      or walking or lifting some handweights but you have to keep things

      moving and the joints lubricated. Some days it hurts more than

      others but the old machinery gets stiff like the tim man in the

      wizard of oz without movement.

      So after you have made your 5 fiber choices, seven fruits and

      vegetables and three dairy servings, sipped all that water and done a

      little exercise I guess you can eat whatever you want that you feel

      like eating. Gotta run – my steel cut oats are cooking!

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